Where to Find Jobs Online

There was a time when to get a job, you had to walk into different employers of interest and distribute your resume, or make an introductory phone call to find out who you could mail one to. As with so many things, the internet has revolutionized this process. Now, you can browse for everything from executive positions to tech openings to truck driving jobs hauling grain on your computer and apply directly to companies that are already interested in hearing from you.

Company Websites

If you know exactly where you want to work, go to the company’s website and look for a link that says “careers” or “employment” or something similar. You’ll find a list of open positions and instructions on how to apply if there’s something you’re appropriate for. You’ll have access to jobs in different locations, and you can also hit up a number of companies in the same category to see who wants you the most.

Job-Search Sites

Want to cast your net a little wider? Job-search sites, whether designed for a specific area of professional expertise, a specific type of work desired, or the broad general range of all the jobs available of any type anywhere, can give you large amounts of opportunities to choose from and facilitate your application. Some also offer opportunities for networking, skill-strengthening, and resume-building.

Search Engines

If you have a specific type of job in mind, try just entering that and your zipcode in your favorite search engine and see what comes up. You’ll find a selection of possibilities from job-search sites, company websites, and other online job boards. From there, you can weed your choices down to the ones that work for you and will put you to work.

The downside of all this ease is that large numbers of other people are doing the same thing, and it may be harder to get your resume to rise to the top. But you can also approach a wider range of potential employers, and that’s a real advantage.