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Reasons for Buying Old Rolex Watches

Vintage Rolex watches are not only sought for being old, but because they rare and valuable pieces of antiquity. The buying of old Rolex watches has increasingly become popular. Savvy collectors of antique Rolex models are scouring for these rare pieces that were crafted before planned obsolescence of gadgets. An expensive modern watch that can serve your for years would be the ideal thing to buy. But why do watch lovers look for old Rolex watches such as the vintage Rolex submarine. Here are reasons why you should go for vintage watches when it comes to watch buying.

Be Distinct

If you have $2000 to spare for a watch, you can go into one of the modern shopping malls and get yourself an expensive piece of watch. The new watch could last for a number of decades, but perhaps it would draw minimal attention because a few other people own the same. On the contrary, you can choose to visit antique websites and auctions to look for old vintage gold watches from the popular maker of watches, and draw more attention to your wrist watch. The latter vintage watch would be one of its own kind, and perhaps more people will notice it on your wrist than a similar modern watch worn by a third of your colleagues.
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Invest in Rolex Antiques
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Perhaps it would sound a bit odd to recommend the buying of rare Rolex antiques are a retirement planning strategy. But there is some great monetary value in holding some of the rarest antiques as a portion of your investment portfolio. You could put thousands of dollars into a mutual fund and expect that your managers will manage it to your advantage, or you can decide to purchase a Rolex antique for future sale to the collectors at a profit. The returns may not be guaranteed, but recent vintage watch auctions have revealed that some old brands of Rolex can command quite a price.

Buy a Watch with a Purpose

Some watches of great interest are those that were manufactured to serve a certain role. Old watches of this kind are termed as ‘tool watches’ because they serve the role of a tool rather than an accessory. Rolex established a name for itself making such timepieces with unique purposes such as the Milgauss for nuclear research and the Submariner for diving. Such vintage watches are ideal kits with a purpose and collectors and watch lovers look for them because of the specific roles that they were supposed to perform. In addition, you can boost of owning a piece of history if you wear one of these timepieces.