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Men’s Belts and How to Choose One

Wearing a belt well is one of those base tests of fashion. If you know how to choose and right belt and do it rightly then you have established yourself as someone who knows his clothes. Someone who wears a mismatch will show that the still needs some learning about dressing well.

When you come to think of it, the basics of good belts are not fundamentally hard to learn since you mostly only need more common sense than the science behind it, and familiarity of what your personal taste is.

One basic concern is its length. If you want to wear a belt in a proper way you should choose a belt length in such a way that only a few inches of leather is shown at the left side of the buckle when you wear it. The proper length of belt is such that when you wear it the remaining leather to the left can be tucked in the belt loop if there is one. If you are going to make a mistake on this, rather buy a shorter belt than a belt which is very long that you need to wrap it around your hips. It is not the same with casual belts which is quite flexible when it comes to length. But also not to the extent of dangling an overly long tail end that will make it look awkward.

Dress belts are usually measured with a range of pant sizes. To get a good fit with a dress belt make sure you pick up one that is two to three sizes larger than your pant size. The right size then for a thirty four inch trouser waist is around thirty six to thirty eight inches. But if you want a really quick way to tell if it is the right size then simply try it on or at least wrap it around your waist over your pants. And when it is worn properly, remember that it will sit a bit tighter. It will be helpful if have your trouser size ready and these guides when you are buying a belt online.

You will notice that some casual belts have a brass cap or some metal on the tip of the belt and this is just some sort of a remedial thing or to ease up the feeding of the tip to the buckle mechanism. Traditionally these types of belt are worn with no extra belt beyond the buckle once it is fastened. So since the belt itself is made of a certain fabric, you can just simply remove the buckle and trim it to the right size until it is the right length for you.

It is a code that the bigger your belt buckle the less formal it is. A dress belt has a very small, flat buckle and a narrow leather. Larger buckles with rounded shapes are common on more casual styles.
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