The New Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 30th Anniversary Edition

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Well, you never forget where you come from. That’s exactly what the Milwaukee-based bike maker has done. Paying homage to its bread and butter the Fat Boy. After 30 years of bodacious run, it’s being celebrated with a limited edition covered in Darth Vader style complete with bronze accents. And the name, Harley-Davidson Fat Boy 30th Anniversary motorcycle.

Owning a Harley, I will tell you for free, they are some of the most durable and reliable bikes in the world. It’s a well-crafted, well-engineered, and a high-quality machine. Additionally, you can never miss the Harley-Davidson OEM parts shop wherever you go.

As a Harley fan, this Fat Boy 30th Anniversary isn’t something I want to miss. So, let’s look at what the 2,500 limited and serialized bikes have to offer. Maybe you will join me in reserving one today.


Up-front we have mirrors, controls hanging in vivid-black, comfortable swept bars, headlamp, and the Showa Dual Bending Valve front forks. The slopping fuel tank with the premium 3D Fat Boy logo is what carries all the instrumentation.

The handle bars are high in a similar fashion to the yesteryears old school cruisers. It also has 18-inch, classic solid, no-disc rims finished in satin-black with machined edges. This alone gives it an unadulterated drool vibe. In general, it has the same staunch appeal the Fat Boy always carries.

Power train

We can’t talk about a Harley and not talk about its power. This 2020 edition is fitted with Harley’s 45-degree V-twin 119 ft. lb Mil-8 114 motor. It’s said to have the biggest mill – the Milwaukee-Eight 114, with 10ft pound of torque. To give if additional oomph, the engine covers are glossed-black, while the dual exhaust pipes have an onyx-black finish.

Long rides will be stress-free thanks to the slip and assist clutch coupled with a 6-Speed Cruise Drive Transmission, which gives you a smooth gear shift. Fancy, right?


This 2020 Fat Boy Limited Edition will run you $21,949, fitted with 114 Mil-8 motors.

Unlike other Softail models, this one dominates from the get-go. The brutish dark theme, power, and torque makes it a physically imposing Harley Davidson. Ever since Arnold Schwarzenegger rode the Fat Boy in Terminator 2, these ride continues to demand a kick of character and attitude.