Taking Care of Your Car: Basic Maintenance Tips

A car is a considerable investment, and although vehicle reliability has come a long way over the years, it’s still your responsibility as a car owner to maintain, service, and take care of your vehicle. Whether new or old, every car needs some care and attention regardless of how carefully you drive. Here are some basic but crucial car maintenance practices that can help you avoid unexpected breakdowns on the road and expensive repairs.

Check and Change Your Fluids

Several car systems require lubricants and other fluids to function properly. Besides gas – obviously, the engine also needs clean oil. The transmission, steering, and brake systems also need different types of fluids to operate efficiently. Check all your fluids frequently to ensure that they are within the recommended levels and work out whether they need to be changed. How you check the fluids depends on the car’s model, but it should be pretty straightforward. 

Follow a Regular Servicing Schedule

Car manufacturers always recommend a servicing schedule on every model, often based on mileage. Check the manufacturer’s manual to find your vehicle’s service schedule. Make a habit of taking your car for servicing regularly based on the manufacturer’s recommendation. Servicing involves a thorough check and damage assessment of various components such as the drive system, oil and coolant filter, brake lines, tires, and the engine’s performance. After inspection, any worn out parts must be replaced with new ones.

Keep Your Car Clean

It might not seem like it, but cleaning your car is an essential maintenance practice. Accumulated dirt and grime could hide critical damages and even accelerate the rotting or rusting of various components. Plus, with a clean car, you can quickly identify any wear on your tires, bodywork, and paint.    

Modern cars are not very demanding in terms of maintenance, thanks to on-board intelligent diagnostic systems that can pinpoint problems on the car with astonishing accuracy. However, don’t rely solely on your car’s computer system, caring for the vehicle still calls for a human touch.