Summer House and Summer Projects

Buying a lake house can be a great experience, especially if you choose to take the time to spruce up your new retreat. Think about some of these projects to tackle to turn this house into your true home.

Restoring a Boat

The boat in your shed may be a relic from decades past, but some repairs to keep it running and some replacements to make it beautiful again you can be out on the lake in no time. Discount boat parts can make the whole project much more affordable as you tinker with your passion project.

Remodeling a Shed

Whether turning an abandoned tool shed into a proper workshop or tweaking a playhouse into a painting studio, those backyard buildings can be turned from an eyesore into a place of pride with a little bit of elbow grease. Look into replacing any rotten wood, sanding the workbench, add a fresh coat of paint, and installing new lights.

Repaving a Patio

Cracked concrete or mossed over brickwork may stop your patio from being a pleasurable space to spend your time. Power washing or repaving can brighten the backyard and make space for barbequing, badminton, or simply breathing. You may decide to install a firepit or a basketball hoop instead of simply a slab of cement to add some fun to it.

Renovating a Porch

Torn screens can turn the most pleasant of evenings into a perpetual battle against the mosquitos. Repairing the patches and replacing warped wood can make the summer evenings much more inviting. Consider reupholstering the cushions with waterproof material as well to match your new decorations and protect against the rain.

Summer days may be lazy, or you may spend hours building your dream retreat. Let your daydreams turn into realities as you tackle your pet projects this year.