Leather Boot Straps: Accents in Biker Gear

Are you bored with your biker boots? It really doesn’t take much to realize how blasé a biker boot can look, and what a blank canvas it might be if you wanted to adorn it with something. After all, plain boots really don’t say much of anything. You can add a serious biker statement to your boots with leather straps and it doesn’t matter if they’re the boots you wear every day or your weekend go-to-bike-rally boots.

Biker Bootstraps as Decoration

The leather boot straps consist of a narrow leather band that encircles the ankle of the boot and a chain that passes underneath the boot sole. You might want to add it to a fully dressed biker outfit or just use it with regular street clothes. Bikers might wear it to adorn their boots with spikes, chains or any expression that intrigues them. Biker straps are a type of decoration. The strap comes adorned with various metal works like studs and spikes. Some popular straps have as much chain mail as leather. Boot straps are available at biker gear retailers. You could wear a boot strap on special occasions that you might believe are worth dressing up for, or you might never remove it from your routine.

Adjusting the Straps and Chains

The boot straps come in both men’s and lady’s sizes and styles. The strap can be tightened or loosened. A pair of o-rings might be included to add to the strap’s look depending on the boot strap. The o-rings might break up the leather strip and act as the intersection point between the leather strap and chain. The chain actually keeps the strap in place. You can adjust the length of the chain to fit smaller size shoes. The boot strap is made of quality leather and chrome-plated hardware.

The biker gear you choose is a matter of personal preference. A leather boot strap might work with every outfit. It enhances and completes your biker gear.