How To Protect Your Car From Hailstorms

America is a vast country, and each region has its own unique climate. There is one major weather event that links all fifty states, however: thunderstorms. These powerful displays of nature shake the ground with booming sounds while dishing out strong winds, heavy rain and dangerous lightning. Approximately 100,000 such storms strike America every year, sometimes bringing large hail that wreaks havoc for car owners. Hailstorms alone cost the country more than $10 billion a year in damages, so the impact is significant. Cars are especially vulnerable to hail, but you can limit the damage by enacting these measures.

Face It Head On

If you’re caught on the road when a storm breaks out, drive into the falling hail. Doing so protects your side windows, which are more prone to breaking if hit by a hailstone.

Get Off the Road

Hail makes for dangerous driving conditions, so once you’ve redirected to drive into the storm, find a place to pull over. Bridges and overpasses are ideal for providing overhead protection. If there are none nearby, park behind a building, putting it between you and the wind.

Stay in the Garage

If you know a storm is on the way, protect your car by leaving it in the garage. If your residence or workplace doesn’t have one, temporarily move your vehicle to a covered parking lot. Without protection from the elements, you might find yourself frantically searching for hail storm repair lakewood co or in your area.

Cover the Car

Car owners in areas prone to severe storms should invest in a car cover. These fitted coverings protect your automobile and many are also water-resistant. Tarps, blankets and even floor mats can be used in lieu of covers. Once the car is fully secure, tie or tape the protective layers to keep them in place.

Severe thunderstorms can pose a real threat for car owners. Keep your vehicle indoors or well-covered to keep from having one hail of a time after the storm.