Follow these 5 tips to avoid Windscreen Damage

Most car owners are passionate about their vehicles and take rather good care of them. Regular servicing and detailing, car washes, and even learning the basics of car maintenance are the hallmarks of a proud car owner. One aspect of the car that sadly gets ignored, even by such enthusiasts is the maintenance of the car’s windshield. Car glass damage could put the safety of the vehicle at risk. Here are some top tips for prevention of car windscreen damage.

  1. Park in a closed garage – One of the most important reasons for car glass damage is an extreme dip in temperature. Storms leave windshields cracked or chipped and vulnerable to total damage. The best way to protect your car and its windshield from this sort of damage is to park indoors in a garage where the vehicle can be shielded from harsh weather conditions. Even when at a mall or restaurant look for an underground car park or a shielded parking space. This also helps protect the car glass from damage due to acts of vandalism.
  1. Drive attentively – A crack or chip develops when a pebble from the street flies off and hits the car windshield. Another common reason for damage is the impact of a collision or a bump against another vehicle or a structure. The best way to prevent this kind of damage is to avoid streets strewn with gravel and rocks, particularly roads on which construction work is being undertaken. If you must drive on such a road, driving at low speeds keeps the risk of car glass damage to a minimum. Maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of you to avoid small stone stuck in their tires from flying on your windshield and damaging it. Finally, always drive sober to avoid accidents and collision.
  1. Proper vehicle care – One of the key causes for car glass damage is high pressure. Improper car detailing, putting the vehicle through high pressure car washes and waxes, unprofessional auto glass replacement jobs, and driving before the replaced windshield has a chance to cure are some reasons why the car glass may get damaged. Proper vehicle care is one of the best ways to protect windshield damage through any of these causes. This also includes using special cleaning shampoo and scratchproof cloth manufactured specifically for cleaning car glass.
  1. Attend to repairs immediately – This tip is just as important as the others. Attend to any chips or damages immediately. Cracks and chips on the windshield tend to spread rather quickly and cause the entire car front glass to be vulnerable. This, in turn, makes the entire car frame to be vulnerable. Car glass provides invaluable structural support to the vehicle apart from keeping the wind, dust, and rain away. Attending to repairs immediately, even replacing the auto glass if necessary, will keep your car and its occupants safe.
  1. Use OEM glass and expert services – when it comes to car glass replacement or repair, a DIY approach or hiring novice workmen instead of getting the replacement done by experts is a mistake. This usually results in an incorrectly installed car windscreen which leads to more damage. Another cause for windscreen damage could be the use of inferior car glass instead of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) glass that is designed for the specific model and make of your car. Using OEM glass and trusting professional companies like Windshield Experts to replace or repair the car glass is a great way of avoiding such damage.