Book a cheap passenger van rental

Are looking for a vehicle full of space to get your whole family from Airport the vacation location? You may be planning for a road trip with group of friends. For the plenty of room inside the vehicle and sufficient luggage space passenger van is recommended. Let’s have look at the features of a passenger van to save your day.

Why to rent a passenger van?

You have a large vehicle which can carry you and all your co travelers together. It has enough leg room and plenty of luggage setting space. You and your team will travel with comfort and style with cheap van hire of this size. Travelling all together is fun you know.

Even you can find your best deal in this way:

Compare the rates with many rental agencies.

Avoid the Airport location to skip extra rent.

Be aware of your requirement such fuel and mileage.

What is the minimum age requirement to rent a passenger van?

The most companies who allow you to have their car follow the policy of drivers to be above 25 years. Rather it is true that, age requirement differ from company to company on the basis of size of the vehicle you hire. For example Car Rental Express let you rent their car if you are 18 years old. And they do not charge extra for being less than 25 years old like other companies.

Need insurance for renting car?

Yes, you are required to have an insurance to rent a car. Driver must have either insurance or buy insurance from the car rental company. Car rental companies do this to be sure if you and their car is safe on the road.

In US you own insurance papers are sufficient to rent a car. And you can purchase it anytime at the checkout.

What documents you need at picking up?

To be sure your rental process will not meet any resistance; you must bring driving license, insurance paper and the accepted form of payment method as per the car rental company. Some additional documents may be required depending upon the company’s policy. So be aware of the terms and conditions they apply.

Can I rent a passenger van one-way?

It completely depends on the rental car company you choose. But as per my knowledge, the companies who have multiple locations throughout the country are able to offer one-way journey. Keep in mind that in case of one-way journey you generally will be charged with extra fees. Read the rules of one-way rental carefully before renting it.

What is the fuel policy?

Some companies offer you a full tank of fuel and they charge for it. Again, some offer you a full tank filled car and do not charge for it. But you have to maintain the full filled tank while returning the car. The second option is clear better. You don’t have to pay for the fuel you have not used. And generally the cost of the fuel company charge is more than the actual market price.

Hope you are all ready to go for your vacation. Have a nice journey!