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Methods of Installing a Deadbolt Lock

As long as deadbolt lock is concerned, to opt to just have it installed yourself is a given and when this happens, you will want to make sure that you will have it done accordingly, which is what we will be talking about in this article to help you out.

The very first thing that you will want to do is to make sure that you will look into the manufacturer’s templates because here, you will find the right measurements as to how to have it installed accordingly at the start. The reason behind why you will want to look into these things is because of the fact that there will be markings and whatnot that you will definitely need to ensure that you will have your deadlock installed respectively and according to the very type of door that you have.

Once you have the marker in place, make sure that you will then cut a hole as per the markings that you had with the use of the template along. It will most likely be best if you are to opt and use a hole saw because this should fit perfectly as per the hole you have marked right at the beginning. It also is important that you will have to worry about not having to deal with too much splinters and one way for you to effectively achieve such goal is if you will look into how thick the door is because generally speaking, the soonest that the pilot bit goes through the opposite side of the door, to continue such from the other side should help. For you to effectively drill a hole right through the edge of the door, a 1 1/2 ” spade bit should do the trick.
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Keep in mind that you will also have to dry-fit the bolt right into the hole that you have drilled and make sure that you will include the trace around the faceplate as well. To use a chisel for the purpose of mortising is the most appropriate tool for you to have the area done accordingly because this has been found to be the most appropriate one for such task. A good tip that you should know about is to make sure that you will tap the tool deep enough to recede the faceplate and use a smaller chisel to do the rounded corners efficiently.
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When you are done with such, make sure that you will use a bolt to have the door screwed and secured. After that, you will then have to install the cylinder and the thumb lever plates. A good way for you to ensure that everything fits perfectly is if you are to dry-fit them respectively. Set the interior piece accordingly and align the screw holes respectively as well so you will then have the chance to mount the holes inside.

Using a paint or anything that could represent a mark, accurately mark the end of the bolt and close the door. Once closed, make sure that you will turn the deadbolt a couple of times and use a space bit to drill two overlapping holes in the doorframe for the deadbolt. The strike plate should be screwed accordingly once you have mortised the area.