5 top reasons to own a van

With so many makes and models to choose between, picking a new vehicle can be a difficult decision to make and will be driven, in part, by your personal circumstances. How many children do you have, what sort of distances do you drive annually and is the vehicle for personal use only or will you also need to use it for work are just some things to consider.

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Before you start looking you might want to consider the type of vehicle you’d prefer, for example, car or van, particularly if you’re planning to use it for business and personal journeys.

According to the Guardian, if you’re buying a vehicle for business one of the main things you should ask yourself is whether it’s adding value to the business and is the most appropriate.

What are the advantages of a van?


The most obvious advantage is space. It’s not just that vans generally have more cubic feet but also that space tends to be more flexible to use without the nooks and crannies you get in the boot of a car. So, as well as allowing you to carry larger loads you can also get them into the vehicle much more easily.

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Road view

Drivers of vans also tend to have a much better view of the road ahead given the higher seating position which in turn can make them safer drivers, despite what you might read in the press!


Fuel efficiency isn’t something that people always associate with a van, however, there are vans on the market today that you will get 60 – 70 mpg which means you can cover a serious number of miles from a single tank.


Because the space in a van is more accessible and flexible than in a car there are plenty of ways you can modify it to suit your needs, and this too gives vans an advantage over cars.

One of the most common modifications is plylining, essentially lining the interior of your van with plywood to protect the bodywork. Companies such as vehicle-accessories.net can provide this service for you. You can also carpet and even waterproof the inside of a van.

Wheelchair access

Wheelchair access isn’t something that everyone needs, but if you do, a van can provide the space you need to fit the appropriate kit.