Auto Body Marketing – Creative Marketing Ideas for Auto Body Shops

Auto body marketing is vital to the success of any auto body shop. If you are running such a business, you may be lost about how to creatively market your shop so people will come to it. While a TV commercial or an ad in the phone book may work for some shops, it is usually the creative ideas that draw in the most customers. For you, that means you just have to think about new and innovative ways to get your name out there. Here are a few suggestions that may get you started.

It is important that your auto body marketing suit the season that you are in. If, for instance, you are trying to market during the summer, you may advertise your ability to install racks on the top of cars for luggage, or you could discuss tinting options for windows to keep cars cool. In some fall and winter months, you can focus on advertising for hail damage as that tends to be a problem during certain times of the year. Just make sure that any signs you put up or ads that you send out are actually fitting to the needs of your customers at the time.

You can always offer to host a car show at your shop to entice customers to come in. This is great if you do a lot of custom paint work and body kits because it allows people to see your work and get inspired for their own projects. If you have examples of cars you have worked on around the shop, you can give other people with nice cars a chance to show off their rides and hopefully want to use some of your services in the end. Post ads about the car meet on local forums and see what kind of results you get.

You can also try marketing your business by having a low price body repair day. You could set a fixed price for fixing damage on people’s vehicles that is drastically lower than what they normally would pay. It may take extra work, but it could draw in a lot of potential customers for the future. You can come up with a million other creative ideas like this on your own, and all you have to do is see them through. Hopefully you will find an auto body marketing plan that fits your business in time.…

Child Killed in Orange County Car Accident, Speeding Blamed

A speeding Silverado pickup truck caused a multi-vehicle car accident on the 55 Freeway in Orange County, killing a two-year-old girl and injuring her father and her 4-month-old brother.

According to the Orange County Register, the two children, Sofia and Connor were traveling with their father, John Sales in his Mercury Mountaineer when the car in front of them, a Toyota, began to slow down. Sales slowed down his SUV to avoid an accident. A Chevrolet Silverado just behind the Sales’ car however was traveling at what officers later described as an “unsafe speed”. It couldn’t stop in time to avoid an accident, and it crashed into the Mountaineer, which in turn, hit the Toyota ahead. The two children and their father were rushed to the hospital, where Sofia, who had suffered severe injuries in the car accident, died a few hours later. John Sales and his son Connor escaped with minor injuries. The driver of the speeding Silverado, Armstrong Kitchen suffered moderate injuries in the accident.

For the Sales family, two of whose members are still receiving treatment for their injuries, this has been a terrible tragedy. Our hearts go out to them, and we wish them the strength to bear the loss of their little girl.

From what the OC Register reports, it seems that the driver of the Silverado was over the speed limit, and this resulted in him not being able to stop the car in time to avoid the crash. Speeding is one of the most common causes of car accidents in the country. A driver going above the normal speed limit has very little time, a fraction of a second in many cases, to make a decision that could impact his safety and the safety of others on the road. In that small period of time, he must decide what decision he must make, and execute that decision. It’s common in such a situation to have a complete panic reaction, and take the wrong kind of decision, which can lead to a loss of control over the vehicle, causing an accident. Even if the decision is the right one, there is very little time for the decision to be executed, and the motorist may fail to stop, swerve or turn in time, causing a collision with another vehicle, pedestrian or bicyclist. In any case, the consequences are always the same – a serious accident with a huge impact, followed by injuries, and even deaths.

A speeding car also exerts a greater force in the event of an accident, than a car that is going at an acceptable speed and is involved in a crash. High speed car crashes usually involve devastating injuries, including spinal cord injuries, severed limbs, and massive head trauma leading to brain injuries.

A person injured in a car accident where the other motorist was clearly above the speed limit can hold that motorist liable for any damages that ensue. In cases like this, it’s important that you consult with an …

Symptoms Of Bad Ac Compressor

Air conditioner compressors usually fail due to one of two conditions: time and hours of operation or abuse. The most likely cause of an automotive air conditioner cooling problem is no refrigerant in the system, if the refrigerant leaks past a leaky compressor or O-ring

The compressor can fail in many ways. It can fail to open, fail shorted, experience a bearing failure, or a piston failure. First check the compressor engagement. If the magnetic clutch is not engaging when the A/C is turned on, the problem may be a blown fuse or a wiring problem.

When troubleshooting you should always think, if there is no cooling problem in the cooling system. If there is, you need a set of A/C service gauges.

A short can be there due to bald bearings. The rotor damages insulation and the compressor fail to function.

If the compressor locks up mechanically and fails to run, you will know because it will buzz very loudly for a few seconds and may shudder until the thermal limiter cuts it off. If there is no acid it is best to replacing the compressor and that is a good plan.

Usually when a short occurs, it is not immediately a hard short one. The compressor torque drops sharply every time a short occurs. The compressor will shudder enough to remove the short.

A clogged filter should be taken as positive evidence of some failure in the system other than a compressor failure. Generally, it will be metal fragments out of the compressor that clogs the filter.

Mechanical wear in old systems internally shows that it is “worn in” and needs more torque to start against the system load than can be delivered. The compressor will buzz loudly like a locked bearing for a few seconds then the thermal limiter will kill it.

And this, in a nutshell, is what can happen to an air conditioner compressor and what you can do about it.…

Modesto Car Accident Kills A Young Man

The victim was not even able to survive long enough to make it to the hospital. His injuries were so severe that he was pronounced dead at the scene of the car crash. Police state that at this point, it is not believed that drugs or alcohol played a part in the man’s reckless driving. He was simply in a hurry to get to wherever he was going.

Although the details of the driver and his victim have not yet been released, there is no doubt that the man who was killed has left behind family and friends who will miss him dearly. Because of the youth’s reckless behavior on the road, another man was killed without warning and without a chance for him to say goodbye to those he loved most. The biggest tragedy in this incident is that the victim was not breaking any rules or any laws. Unlike the driver that killed him, he was going the speed limit and driving as a responsible citizen should. The motorist who caused the rollover accident, on the other hand, was using all three lanes of the highway to pass other vehicles that he felt were going too slow. His rush to get to wherever he was going cost so much more than just a speeding ticket would have. As the man waits in a local county jail for an upcoming trial, he is undoubtedly learning that it doesn’t pay to speed. In contrast, it has cost his victim everything.

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of death in the United States and particularly in California. In a state where there are more freeways in any one city than there are in many other states as a whole, car crashes are prevalent and cause serious injury and death on a regular basis. For accidents that result in both serious injury and wrongful death, personal injury lawyers are there to help victims and their families get the compensation they need to survive. The man who was killed in the accident caused by a reckless young man speeding down Highway 99 has likely left behind a family who is unable to pay for the expensive funeral costs on their own. Although petitioning for monetary compensation from the young man who caused the accident won’t bring this man back to his family, it could greatly ease that family’s financial burden as they determine how they are going to cover the victim’s funeral costs. For serious injury and wrongful death cases, don’t rely on criminal charges alone to satisfy your claim on justice. Consider hiring a <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:ga(‘send’, ‘pageview’, ‘/outgoing/article_exit_link/1037350’);” href=””>Los Angeles personal injury lawyer</a> to hep you obtain monetary compensation that can ease your financial stress; so that you can your remaining family members can grieve over the loved one you’ve lost.…

Benefits Of Chossing Dynamic Auto Brokers In Los Angeles

Since Dynamic auto brokers is a highly experienced and expert professional with several years of operation in the automobile market, we would be keeping track of all the models of each and every car manufacturer in the United States. Many car buyers are not aware that these auto manufacturers offer several special schemes that include hefty discounts and easy finance terms from time to time. You could spend time by going through the website of each car manufacturer and find out the details but you would be wasting not just many hours, but at least a few days worth your time to browse through the vast maze of cars available and the various special schemes and programs on them. Your Los Angeles Auto Broker would be able to assist you in this process by providing this information in a few minutes, at the most an hour.

Benefits of Purchasing a Car through your Los Angeles Auto Broker

* Since we are a California new car auto broker, new car lease broker, and used car broker we are highly knowledgeable about the prices and discount schemes of all the types of cars in the market, you would be paying the lowest possible price when you purchase the vehicle.

* Dynamic Auto Brokers would tell you which accessories are furnished as dealer installed items and help you save money.

* We would help you obtain the extended factory warranties offered by many car manufacturers at present and other free offers of extra fittings and accessories, resulting in considerable saving again in short-term and long-term.

* When you purchase a car for a lower price, the sales tax on the purchase price, the license fee, and the insurance fee would also be proportionately lower, resulting in further savings.

* Due to the wide contacts with the financial institutions, Los Angeles Auto Brokers would be able to get you prior and faster credit approval, with better financial terms and lower interest rates. This would again help you gain considerably in long-term.

* Being one of the experienced New Car Lease Brokers in Los Angeles, Dynamic Auto Brokers would be able to advice you on the benefits of sales & leasing in California, if you plan to purchase the car for business or other special purposes.  Leasing a car instead of an outright purchase would offer many benefits in certain circumstances.…

History of Ford

The Ford Motor Company has been manufacturing cars since the early 1900s after its founder, Henry Ford, incorporated the company on June 16, 1903. Ford is the fourth largest vehicle maker in the world based on worldwide sales. They trail Toyota, General Motors and Volkswagon. The company is located in Dearborn, Michigan just outside of Detroit. Aside from their brands of Ford, Lincoln and Mercury, Ford also has international models in Sweden called Volvo and Mazda of Japan. They were once a part owner of Aston Martin in England. They sold their part ownerships of Jaguar and Land Rover to TaTa in India in March of 2008.

Ford is the third largest manufacturer in the United States in terms of sales behind GM and Toyota. It was the first time in 56 consecutive years that Ford had fallen from the number two largest manufacturer in the country. Henry Ford revolutionized the manufacturing world with his large-scale assembly line designs and how he treated his industrial workforce. His model for success became known globally as Fordism. The company has stayed within the Ford family for over 100 years.

Over the past few years the Ford Motor Company has struggled to make a profit and needed a new plan to revitalize the company. Company chairman Bill Ford requested a plan from Mark Fields, the president of the American Division. The plan was released to the public in 2006 and it was titled “The Way Forward.” This plan did consist of major layoffs across the company and it resulted in the consolidation of production lines, the closing of 14 factories and cutting 30,000 jobs.

Ford has been one of the many motor vehicle manufacturing companies that has moved into producing hybrid cars and fuel flexible cars. Their fuel flexible cars are the Ford F-150, the Crown Victoria, the Focus, the Taurus, the Ranger, the Explorer, the Mercury Grand Marquis, and the Lincoln Town Car. Their hybrid vehicles have been produced every couple of years from 2004 to 2009. In 2004 the company released its Ford Escape Hybrid. In 2006 the company released its Mercury Mariner Hybrid, in 2008 the company released its Ford Fusion/Mercury Milan Hybrid and in 2009 it released the 2009 Ford Edge/Lincoln MKX Hybrid.

Ford, aside from manufacturing vehicles for everyday use, is also a major player in three of NASCAR’s races. They manufacture cars for the Sprint Cup Series, the Nationwide Series and the Craftsman Truck Series. Their Ford F-150 is used in the Craftsman Truck Series and the mid-size Fusion is used in the Sprint Cup Series and the Nationwide Series.

One of the most popular and recognizable Ford cars is their ultimate sports car; the Ford Mustang. The Mustang was first manufactured in 1964 and released that same year at the New York World’s Fair. The vehicle is modeled after the Ford Falcon, one of the company’s compact cars. There are five generations of the Mustang, the fifth one beginning in 2005 and continuing into the present. …

Alternative Mobility Aids, Bored of a Wheelchair?

If you’re looking for an alternative to a standard wheelchair or mobility scooter, perhaps you could consider the following more up-to-date and technologically advanced mobility aids.

Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, a German research company, has developed a four wheel drive wheelchair, to allow disabled and elderly people to tear up the countryside without continually getting wheels stuck. It looks like a versatile, all-terrain vehicle with large deep treaded tires, four wheel drive, and a roll bar for safety. The chair also has a GPS system, and technology which can monitor the driver’s pulse and blood oxygen, alerting the appropriate authorities if the user is in trouble. It allows disabled people access to terrains normally completely inaccessible.

But as we all know, the ultimate all terrain vehicle is a tank. When Mr. Soden’s wife was paralysed in a car accident, the ex-fire fighter from Phoenix, Arizona set about creating an all access mobility chair for her. Two years later he had developed the tank chair. With 42 inch rubber wheels and tracks, a one horsepower motor and a top speed of 5mph, the Tank chair powers through sand, mud, gravel and eats hills for breakfast. It weighs 300 pounds and is currently retailing for $15, 600 US.

There is also a faster, more lightweight version called the 2008 Speedster. This has thick, rugged tyres instead of tracks and is a lot smaller.
Alternatively, if you don’t want a one man tank but a smart chair, the iBOT wheelchair might be for you. According to the company who have manufactured the iBOT, wheelchair users often speak of longing to carry on eye-level conversations with people standing nearby, and be able to shop independently. No tank tracks, GPS or weaponry, but the iBOT does have four wheeled drive, and uses a combination of gyroscopes and sensors to help the user be able to climb stairs, and lift up to standing height. The iBOT will cost $29, 000 US.

Alternatively, Atsuo Takanshi at Waseda University in Tokyo has developed some rather fetching robot legs. It might sound reminiscent of Wallace & Gromit in The Wrong Trousers but these high tech gadgets are for real. Standing four feet tall, this people mover doubles as a stair lift in its own right.

Takanishi says it could take another five years before this robot is ready to serve the public. Until then, you’ve got a tank and a 4×4 to choose from!…

How to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro – Beda Kilimanjaro

How to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

one. How do I Pick out an Operator?

There are literally hundreds of providers who support the mountain. Picking an operator can be a challenging undertaking. You want to be absolutely sure that your operator staffs professional, knowledgeable guides, who practice higher protection specifications and treats porters effectively. You want an operator that has demonstrated know-how, efficiently serving a huge assortment of purchasers for many a long time. Our neighborhood operator has lead climbs on Mount Kilimanjaro since 1987, and has assisted thousands of climbers achieve the peak.

2. How Considerably Does it Price tag?

Do not pick out a enterprise strictly based on cost! Rate really should be only a single part in your total final decision. Prices differ significantly amongst operators. Supreme Kilimanjaro presents high quality climbs at reasonable costs. Our charges are a great price at about $one,five hundred per climber, excluding ideas. At this cost amount, we can fulfill all park fees, spend first rate wages to team, source adequate foodstuff and tools, even though even now offering great support to our purchasers.

three. When are the Ideal Months?

The most effective situations to climb Kilimanjaro tend to be the warmest and driest months – January, February, and September. June, July, and August are also fantastic months. Nevertheless, temperatures and temperature are unpredictable, and can alter significantly based on the time of working day and altitude. It really is most effective to avoid the extensive rainy time, from the conclude of March to early June, and the short rainy time, from November by way of the beginning of December.

4. Which Route Ought to I Get?

The routes every have unique characteristics which might or might not attraction to you. Take into consideration the problems, scenery and targeted visitors when you pick out your route. Other factors that really should be regarded as are your age, fitness amount, health care ailments, backpacking and climbing working experience, working experience at higher altitude, diploma of enthusiasm, and any other specific criteria. Supreme Kilimanjaro endorses Lemosho and Rongai.

5. How Numerous Times are Wanted?

The far more times you invest on the mountain, the superior your prospects for efficiently achieving the summit. Studies show that every further working day you invest acclimatizing increases your chance of success. Do not guide the minimal quantity of times. Probabilities are, you will not love your climb nor will you achieve the leading. 7 or far more times is proposed.

six. Ought to I Join a Group?

A personal, modest-bash climb is the most effective way to climb Kilimanjaro. A modest-bash climb makes certain individualized interest, added overall flexibility and elevated protection. Most climb operators run group departures for up to sixteen people today. When they increase the assistance team, a “modest” group of sixteen climbers becomes far more than fifty people today total! That’s hardly the way to love the mountain.

7. What Do I Will need for the Climb?

Observe the equipment record and resist the …

Beware When Getting Employed Dust Bike

For men and women who like the adventures, riding dust bikes and all terrain vehicles is exceptionally exhilarating. At the time you get started riding this dust bikes it is virtually guaranteed that you will get hooked on this vehicle. And you are the one particular who just are unable to chorus you from buying dust bikes. When it is appear to you to get a model new dust bike is fairly major on the pocket. I feel you really should take into consideration buying an inexpensive possibility and yet appears wonderful on the road. Get pleasure from the enjoyment of riding your dream dust bike devoid of investing to much dollars go for a employed dust bike. You can get a employed dust bike on motorcycle dealers or you can get it on the internet.

Maybe you can not come across any new dust bikes that fit your price range. You can constantly go for a employed one particular. You will need to attempt to come across a bike store in which you can exam out versions of distinctive employed dust bikes. Like cars, bikes depreciate at the time they employed and so some fantastic specials can be observed. But it does not indicate the employed one particular is terrible good quality. To quick list the versions you will need to conduct a little study. Just for remind you, newcomers are proposed to use a four stroke motor as opposed to a two stroke. Should really you tumble with the bike, which is unavoidable, you will need to bee capable to pick the bike back up.

At the time you make a decision the employed dust bike you like, attempt operating a look for on the internet or attempt to look for it on motorcycle market put. Though the employed dust bike looks very well maintained, do not go just by the appears they can be misleading. Make certain you inspect the bike carefully in advance of buying, and stay clear of specials that look u commonly very low devoid of examining the bike out in particular person.

When buying a employed one particular, there’s a number of point that you need to worry. Choose your price range that you will expend for the employed dust bike, it is would help you to slim down your look for. May perhaps be you will need to make a spreadsheet about the model of employed dust bike that you want to get. There are a number of competitors bikes that are hardly ever registered and hence it is an uphill activity to verify their real operator. You will need to verify the chassis selection of your bike if some quantities are missing or there is an try to change it then it is surely a stolen bike. If you do not know much about employed dust bike you will need to take into consideration having along a person who has a realistic. You really should not to get a employed dust …

fifteen Fascinating Information About Atvs

1. Off road vehicles were being to start with manufactured readily available in the early nineteen sixties.

2. Some of the to start with ATVs were being six-wheeled as opposed to the additional widespread 4-wheeleers of currently.

three. At first brake lights were being not necessary on ATVs it was not until finally 1998 that they were being manufactured a prerequisite.

4. At slow speeds, an ATVs rear wheels will go in the reverse route of the front wheels. Consequently producing it less difficult for parking and maneuvering.

5. It is unlawful to work ATVs with snorkels for deep-h2o crossings in Minnesota.

six. The to start with contemporary 4-wheeled ATV was introduced by Suzuki in 1983.

7. The ignition destroy swap on ATVS is set by sector criteria to be on the left aspect of the handlebars, but on the appropriate aspect for snowmobiles.

8. In 1986 Honda introduced the FourTrax TRX350 4×4 that ushered in the era of common 4-wheel drive ATVs.

9. By the early 90’s men and women commenced to understand that ATVs make good function vehicles, and they commenced to display up on farms and orchards alike.

ten. The Honda Rubicon was the to start with production ATV with constructed-in GPS.

eleven. In Israel, ATVs are referred to as “Polaris’” In the same way to how men and women in the United States get in touch with all forms of lip balm “Chapstick,” and all forms of cotton swaps “Q-Ideas.”

12. Honda manufactured the to start with three-wheeled ATVs in 1970, which were being famously portrayed in the James Bond film, “Diamonds Are Endlessly”.

thirteen. Engine dimensions on ATVs has small to do with trail damage, but this is what a lot of All-natural Resources Departments limit with a watch to reducing trail damage.

14. The two premier ATV battery brands, Yuasa and DEKA, have their most important United States facilities only 20 miles aside in Pennsylvania.

fifteen. Virtually just about every youth ATV marketed in the US is manufactured in Taiwan or China irrespective of brand name.…