History of Ford

The Ford Motor Company has been manufacturing cars since the early 1900s after its founder, Henry Ford, incorporated the company on June 16, 1903. Ford is the fourth largest vehicle maker in the world based on worldwide sales. They trail Toyota, General Motors and Volkswagon. The company is located in Dearborn, Michigan just outside of Detroit. Aside from their brands of Ford, Lincoln and Mercury, Ford also has international models in Sweden called Volvo and Mazda of Japan. They were once a part owner of Aston Martin in England. They sold their part ownerships of Jaguar and Land Rover to TaTa in India in March of 2008.

Ford is the third largest manufacturer in the United States in terms of sales behind GM and Toyota. It was the first time in 56 consecutive years that Ford had fallen from the number two largest manufacturer in the country. Henry Ford revolutionized the manufacturing world with his large-scale assembly line designs and how he treated his industrial workforce. His model for success became known globally as Fordism. The company has stayed within the Ford family for over 100 years.

Over the past few years the Ford Motor Company has struggled to make a profit and needed a new plan to revitalize the company. Company chairman Bill Ford requested a plan from Mark Fields, the president of the American Division. The plan was released to the public in 2006 and it was titled “The Way Forward.” This plan did consist of major layoffs across the company and it resulted in the consolidation of production lines, the closing of 14 factories and cutting 30,000 jobs.

Ford has been one of the many motor vehicle manufacturing companies that has moved into producing hybrid cars and fuel flexible cars. Their fuel flexible cars are the Ford F-150, the Crown Victoria, the Focus, the Taurus, the Ranger, the Explorer, the Mercury Grand Marquis, and the Lincoln Town Car. Their hybrid vehicles have been produced every couple of years from 2004 to 2009. In 2004 the company released its Ford Escape Hybrid. In 2006 the company released its Mercury Mariner Hybrid, in 2008 the company released its Ford Fusion/Mercury Milan Hybrid and in 2009 it released the 2009 Ford Edge/Lincoln MKX Hybrid.

Ford, aside from manufacturing vehicles for everyday use, is also a major player in three of NASCAR’s races. They manufacture cars for the Sprint Cup Series, the Nationwide Series and the Craftsman Truck Series. Their Ford F-150 is used in the Craftsman Truck Series and the mid-size Fusion is used in the Sprint Cup Series and the Nationwide Series.

One of the most popular and recognizable Ford cars is their ultimate sports car; the Ford Mustang. The Mustang was first manufactured in 1964 and released that same year at the New York World’s Fair. The vehicle is modeled after the Ford Falcon, one of the company’s compact cars. There are five generations of the Mustang, the fifth one beginning in 2005 and continuing into the present. …

Alternative Mobility Aids, Bored of a Wheelchair?

If you’re looking for an alternative to a standard wheelchair or mobility scooter, perhaps you could consider the following more up-to-date and technologically advanced mobility aids.

Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, a German research company, has developed a four wheel drive wheelchair, to allow disabled and elderly people to tear up the countryside without continually getting wheels stuck. It looks like a versatile, all-terrain vehicle with large deep treaded tires, four wheel drive, and a roll bar for safety. The chair also has a GPS system, and technology which can monitor the driver’s pulse and blood oxygen, alerting the appropriate authorities if the user is in trouble. It allows disabled people access to terrains normally completely inaccessible.

But as we all know, the ultimate all terrain vehicle is a tank. When Mr. Soden’s wife was paralysed in a car accident, the ex-fire fighter from Phoenix, Arizona set about creating an all access mobility chair for her. Two years later he had developed the tank chair. With 42 inch rubber wheels and tracks, a one horsepower motor and a top speed of 5mph, the Tank chair powers through sand, mud, gravel and eats hills for breakfast. It weighs 300 pounds and is currently retailing for $15, 600 US.

There is also a faster, more lightweight version called the 2008 Speedster. This has thick, rugged tyres instead of tracks and is a lot smaller.
Alternatively, if you don’t want a one man tank but a smart chair, the iBOT wheelchair might be for you. According to the company who have manufactured the iBOT, wheelchair users often speak of longing to carry on eye-level conversations with people standing nearby, and be able to shop independently. No tank tracks, GPS or weaponry, but the iBOT does have four wheeled drive, and uses a combination of gyroscopes and sensors to help the user be able to climb stairs, and lift up to standing height. The iBOT will cost $29, 000 US.

Alternatively, Atsuo Takanshi at Waseda University in Tokyo has developed some rather fetching robot legs. It might sound reminiscent of Wallace & Gromit in The Wrong Trousers but these high tech gadgets are for real. Standing four feet tall, this people mover doubles as a stair lift in its own right.

Takanishi says it could take another five years before this robot is ready to serve the public. Until then, you’ve got a tank and a 4×4 to choose from!…

Beware When Getting Employed Dust Bike

For men and women who like the adventures, riding dust bikes and all terrain vehicles is exceptionally exhilarating. At the time you get started riding this dust bikes it is virtually guaranteed that you will get hooked on this vehicle. And you are the one particular who just are unable to chorus you from buying dust bikes. When it is appear to you to get a model new dust bike is fairly major on the pocket. I feel you really should take into consideration buying an inexpensive possibility and yet appears wonderful on the road. Get pleasure from the enjoyment of riding your dream dust bike devoid of investing to much dollars go for a employed dust bike. You can get a employed dust bike on motorcycle dealers or you can get it on the internet.

Maybe you can not come across any new dust bikes that fit your price range. You can constantly go for a employed one particular. You will need to attempt to come across a bike store in which you can exam out versions of distinctive employed dust bikes. Like cars, bikes depreciate at the time they employed and so some fantastic specials can be observed. But it does not indicate the employed one particular is terrible good quality. To quick list the versions you will need to conduct a little study. Just for remind you, newcomers are proposed to use a four stroke motor as opposed to a two stroke. Should really you tumble with the bike, which is unavoidable, you will need to bee capable to pick the bike back up.

At the time you make a decision the employed dust bike you like, attempt operating a look for on the internet or attempt to look for it on motorcycle market put. Though the employed dust bike looks very well maintained, do not go just by the appears they can be misleading. Make certain you inspect the bike carefully in advance of buying, and stay clear of specials that look u commonly very low devoid of examining the bike out in particular person.

When buying a employed one particular, there’s a number of point that you need to worry. Choose your price range that you will expend for the employed dust bike, it is would help you to slim down your look for. May perhaps be you will need to make a spreadsheet about the model of employed dust bike that you want to get. There are a number of competitors bikes that are hardly ever registered and hence it is an uphill activity to verify their real operator. You will need to verify the chassis selection of your bike if some quantities are missing or there is an try to change it then it is surely a stolen bike. If you do not know much about employed dust bike you will need to take into consideration having along a person who has a realistic. You really should not to get a employed dust …

Quick Background of Ford

Henry Ford started the Ford Motor Organization, now the 3rd biggest carmaker in the environment, with the Dodge Brothers in 1903. Whilst Henry Ford has been developing motor vehicles just before this, 1903 is the yr when he, supported by twelve investors, set up the famous organization.

Ford’s first cars had been named chronologically with letters: the model A was introduced in 1903 for illustration. In 1904 Ford introduced the environment famous T Product that was to develop into a image of the American motorcar field.

In 1907 Ford launched its latest Blue Oval Trademark but it was not right up until 1928 that a Product A had the first edition of the acquainted Ford script.

Henry Ford had witnessed a big achievements with his vehicles in particular with the T Product and by the early 1910’s he expanded overseas, with manufacturing facilities in France, Denmark and Germany, England and Austria.

When the Initial Globe War started out, Ford was making 50 percent of the cars being sold in the US and pretty much 50 percent of all cars being made in England. For the duration of the war, Ford made lots of of its cars for the army.

In 1922, Ford acquired Lincoln Motor Organization in the need of expanding its market place share as Ford needed to enter the magnificent car market place.

By 1941, Ford owned the biggest assembly plant in the environment and for the duration of the Globe War II Ford made not only your normal army vehicles, but also B-24 Liberator bombers and tanks.

Henry Ford died in 1947 and by that time Ford was a reputed environment carmaker. It is mentioned that about 7 million persons paid their final respects at his funeral.

Article WWII Ford was a organization that produced and progressed quite rapid. Many famous versions had been made in the nineteen fifties and the nineteen sixties, these types of as the Thunderbird (1955), the F-one truck (1948) and the Mustang (1964). Ford also ongoing to build and implement the most up-to-date systems in their cars and they had develop into one of the most vital carmakers in the environment for the duration of the Cold War.

For the duration of that time Ford Motor Organization ongoing to broaden overseas, looking for other achievable investments. In 1979 they acquired a quarter of the Japanese carmaker Mazda, in 1987 Ford acquired Aston Martin and in 1989 Ford acquired Jaguar. In 1999 Ford acquired Volvo and Land Rover in 2000.

In 2003 Ford Motor Organization celebrated its a hundredth birthday and it introduced a series of particular commemorative cars, these types of as the new Ford Mustang. In the the latest decades Ford has faced some financial problems (the organization reported losses of about $12 billion for the 2006 fiscal yr) that led to the promoting of some of the makes from the Ford team: Aston Martin, Jaguar and Land Rover.

 As gas prices in the United States continue to soar the Ford …

Get 4 Wheelers currently!

Get just the appropriate four-wheelers for you!

various kinds of vehicles are up-and-coming currently. Developed with engines made to give you the experience of your existence, these cars are commonly utilised for racing like motorcycles, mud bikes and several many others. Another uniquely-made automobile is called the four-wheelers.

conversing of four wheelers, I am not referring to your characteristic BMW, buses and other four wheel drive usually utilised by individuals. These four wheelers I am conversing about are small, all-terrain car seating one man or woman and obtaining four wheels with enormous tires. No one would have imagined a motor car with four wheels present these days, but certainly there are that’s why they are called four wheelers. These four wheeler automobiles are usually identified as ATV or All Terrain Vehicles.

An All Terrain car is an one- or two-man or woman motorized auto with massive wheels made for recreational use on uneven ground or sand. The rider sits on and operates these vehicles like a motorcycle, but the more wheels give a lot more balance at gradual pace. These automobiles, as shown by their name, are utilised for off-highway adventures by the muck, the mud and the earthy terrain. All Terrain autos are utilised in several several strategies which includes for sport or enjoyment and for basic safety functions. ATVs or four wheelers are not able to be driven on the streets or roadways that common motor vehicles journey upon. They can only be utilised on mud roadways or by the woods.

besides for entertainment use or use for sport, All Terrain automobiles are also utilised by municipalities for basic safety and stability good reasons. They are employed by law enforcement departments to patrol large crowds. They’re also utilised by lifeguards to patrol the seaside in an celebration of an unexpected emergency.

Prior to four wheelers arrived, three wheelers reigned. But mainly because of basic safety issues, they invented the four wheelers which are comprehended to be safer than a three wheeler. Even though four wheelers can be good enjoyment and risk-free to experience, it is usually a good choice to often be risk-free when driving this car. Incidents occur like a thief. We never ever know when it would manifest, so it is best to be prepared often. To continue to be risk-free, make sure you often have on protective gears when driving. Be specific to comprehend fully perfectly how to work the car and do not go at exorbitant speeds although driving. Be aware of sharp turns and obstacles on the way. Most effective of all, you should not consume alcohol.

Another issue to guarantee basic safety when driving your four wheelers is to be specific you purchase your ATV without having problems. It really should be in large good quality and ailment mainly because irrespective of how you endeavor to stick to basic safety cares if the ATV is the difficulty, you’d nonetheless be vulnerable to mishaps.

When deciding upon a reliable ATV or dust bikes, …

Ford’s Disposal of Aston Martin Now Comprehensive

Aston Martin is the smooth sports car well known for starring in the motion block buster James Bond franchise. The pretty silvery grey Aston Martin DBS for occasion, was the James Bond car in the 2006 film, On line casino Royale. Whilst Aston Martin wowed all of us being James Bond’s car, it didn’t strike the blockbuster in the car sector like the film did. In August 2006, Monthly bill Ford, who handed the reins over to Mulally past year, set Aston Martin up for sale, expressing the funds-losing model may perhaps be “an beautiful chance to raise funds and create value.”

Ford Motor Business succeeded in selling the Aston Martin Division past March, when the deal was created to a consortium of big time buyers direct by racing govt Dave Richards. The group also involved John Sinders, a well-known Aston Martin collector and two other Kuwaiti corporations of Financial commitment Dar and Adeem Financial commitment Co.

“The deal receives Ford liquidity it desperately desires to assist restore its higher-volume products strains, and it leaves Aston Martin in excellent arms, as nicely.” Dave Healy, an analyst at Burnham Securities was quoted as expressing in advance of the Dearborn automaker set its luxurious model up for sale.

In a assertion in advance of the sale, Ford CEO and President Allan Mullaly explained, “The sale of Aston Martin supports the important objectives of the company, to restructure to run profitably at reduced volumes and changed product blend and to pace the enhancement of new products,”

Ford declared in March that it would acquire $848 million and keep a $seventy seven million stake in Aston Martin.

The transaction of the maker of the Aston Martin catalytic converter was concluded in the second quarter of this year. Becky Sanch, Ford spokeswoman confirmed that they have not absolutely supplied absent the sports car division since the automaker retained a stake by obtaining desired stock from Primrose Cove Ltd., the holding company of the group that acquired Aston Martin.
On Tuesday Ford received $931 million in income and desired stock for its sale of a controlling stake in the well known luxurious model.

Ford’s Jaguar and Rover divisions, also section of the Ford Premier Auto Team are also being prepared for disposal as Ford continues on its strategy to bounce again from its latest fiscal difficulties.…

Aston Martin Vanquish

The Aston Martin V12 Vanquish or just Vanquish lived a short, illustrious, and limelight crammed period, and spanning just 7 years, from 2001-2007. This amount of class and distinction could by no means be misconstrued for anything or everyone else, for the reason that it screamed excellent performance, and timeless appears to be like from the new car on the block.

It was the forerunner of the Virage/ V8 Vantage, and was primarily based on the theories of two notion cars, the Bertone Jet 2, and the Zagato Roadster equally were being introduced at the Geneva Motor Exhibit in 2004. The Vanquish’s stint in the limelight came from remaining the official car in the twentieth James Bond movie “Die Yet another Working day”, immediately after that the Aston Martin Vanquish turned just one of the most preferred, and effortlessly recognizable automobile, it was the car on everyone’s lips. It was Aston Martin’s prime, emblematic, creation car for the 7 years of its existence. It was designed by Ian Callum and it is in the “grand tourer” class, and is produced by “Aston Martin Lagonda Constrained”. Sad to say, it was dropped in 2007 and would be quickly changed by the “Aston Martin DBS V12” as Aston Martin’s pendant automobile till 2010, when a lasting replacement will be built.

The Vanquish’s core force consisted of “five.9 litre (5935cc), forty eight-valve, 60º V12 engine” outputting a max energy of 460bhp (343kW) at six,500 rpm along with a torque of 542 N·m (400 ft·lbf), managing at -62mph in 4.9 seconds, succeeding a prime speed of 186mph. A “fly-by-wire” throttle with a six speed “clutchless, sequential, manual transmission” directs the command method for the engine. The braking method on the otherhand contains 355mm (14in) ventilated and drilled disc brakes that have Ab muscles, that contains electronic brake distribution.

The Vanquish’s engine mechanics is nearly exact to the blueprint and parts of the “3. litre Duratec thirty V6”, even down to the last stroke and bore technical specs. The car possesses a FR format along with the fundamental Coupe system fashion, the Vanquish dimensions were being very carefully crafted a size of 4666mm (184in) a wheelbase of 2690mm (106in) a peak of 1318mm (52in) a width of 1923mm (76in) and a control pounds of 1835kg (4045 lbs).

The Aston Martin Vanquish car was completely unmodified till 2005 rolled all over, when the next product came out by the identify of the Aston Martin Vanquish S, which was released at Paris Auto Exhibit in 2004. The modifications that came with this product was the increase in toughness and more energy all round, classy styling modifications, and all new 19 inch wheels. They also gave a selection to opt for a sportier visual appeal and performance with the “Athletics Dynamic Pack” with potent braking attributes, powerful, sportier suspension, and refined steering capabilities. The engine, six. litre V12 was masterminded by Ford and outputted a max energy of 520bhp (388kW) at 7000 rpm, along with a torque of …

A collection of Brand name Car Logos and their meanings (II)




Peugeot is a significant French car brand, aspect of PSA Peugeot Citroën, the 2nd most significant carmaker in Europe. Peugeot’s roots go back to 19th-century espresso mill and bicycle producing. The company’s entry into the auto current market was by usually means of crinoline dresses, which applied metal rods, primary to umbrella frames, saw blades, wire wheels, and eventually bicycles. The trademark of Peugeot is a mighty lion, which is the image of the location Franche-Comté, exactly where the company is. The lion signifies the excellence of their saws in 3 aspects: saw tooth is as enduring as lion’s tooth saw blades is as elastic as lion’s spine the effectiveness of the saw is as invincible as that of lion. In 1890, when the 1st Peugeot motor was out on the current market, the company determined to carry on the “lion” trademark to signify its high top quality.




Aston Martin Lagonda Limited is a British manufacturer of luxury sports cars, primarily based in Gaydon, Warwickshire. The company title is derived from the title of one particular of the company’s founders, Lionel Martin, and from the Aston Hill velocity hillclimb around Aston Clinton in Buckinghamshire. The symbol of Aston Martin is a flying roc with wings wide distribute, on just about every of which writes ASTON and MARTIN, indicating that the company has the velocity and ambition of a roc.




Bentley Motors Limited is a British manufacturer of automobiles launched on eighteen January 1919 by Walter Owen Bentley (known as W.O. Bentley or just “W.O.”). Mr. Bentley had been beforehand known for his selection of rotary aero-engines in Entire world War I, the most well-known remaining the Bentley BR1 as applied in later on versions of the Sopwith Camel. Due to the fact 1998, the company has been owned by the Volkswagen Group of Germany. Bentley’s winged and flying B symbol has been applied due to the fact the 1st Bentley motor manufactured its overall look.




Lincoln is the luxury brand of Ford Motor Business. Launched in 1917 by Henry M. Leland and acquired by Ford in 1922, Lincoln has made vehicles due to the fact the 1920s. Leland named the brand right after his longtime hero Abraham Lincoln. In 1927, Lincoln adopted the greyhound as their emblem, which was later on replaced with diamond that is at present in use.




Jaguar Cars Ltd., far better known only as Jaguar (pronounced) is a manufacturer of luxury and government motor cars, headquartered in Coventry, England, and now operated as aspect of the Jaguar Land Rover organization owned by Tata Motors of India. Jaguar was launched as the Swallow Sidecar Business by Sir William Lyons in 1922, at first generating motorcycle sidecars prior to switching to passenger cars. The title was modified to Jaguar right after Entire world War II owing to the unfavourable connotations of the SS initials. Jaguar cars are built in an engineering centre at …

Aston Martin Revised Version of the Db9

At the 2008 Geneva Motor Present, Aston Martin released a revised model of the firm’s critically acclaimed DB9, which contains major enhancements to normal specification.
Changes consist of a revised model of Aston Martin’s 6. litre V12 engine to provide improved ability and torque. Peak ability of 470bhp (350kW) – improved by 20bhp (30Nm) – is now attained at 6,000rpm, resulting in a ability to weight ratio of 267bhp for every tonne (199kW/tonne) – an increase of 11bhp for every tonne in excess of the existing Aston Martin DB9.
Peak torque of 600Nm is delivered at five,000rpm, furnishing even more available ability for the driver, as properly a larger performance experience all round. Accordingly, top rated speed is now 190mph (306km/h) and the benchmark -60mph time enhances by .three seconds for the Touchtronic transmission – which gains from a new valve box and integrated transmission controls to reach more rapidly equipment shifts – to 4.6 seconds and by .1 seconds to 4.6 seconds for the guide gearbox.
The most up-to-date Aston Martin DB9 also incorporates a collection of chassis developments for equally the Coupe and Volante derivates. Bilstein dampers are released in addition to revised upper suspension arms and retuned suspension bushes to provide improved ride high quality aiding larger refinement in the Volante and an improved sporting experience in the Coupe. The Aston Martin DB9 Volante also gains from revisions to the front shear panel which raises torsional rigidity by 10%, further improving refinement.
The Aston Martin DB9 manages to merge all sides of type, high quality and usability of a classic Aston Martin without relying on retrospective detail or layout. For that reason, auto parts styling variations to the revised Aston Martin DB9 are subtle, reflecting the car’s timeless layout and understated elegance.
Auto parts exterior styling variations consist of the introduction of a new normal 19″ 10-spoke alloy wheel, new door mirrors and a revised anodised aluminium 5-bar grille. In the cabin variations consist of a new centre console produced from die forged zinc with a painted iridium silver end and the introduction of a new Emotion Handle Device (European) – initial observed on the DBS in 2007. The European – produced from glass, polished stainless metal and polycarbonate – replaces the critical utilized beforehand for the DB9.
The impressive Aston Martin DB9 released an thrilling new period for Aston Martin. The two+two sporting activities car set new criteria in its course due to its astonishing combination of know-how, agility and layout. The car marked the commencing of a new period for Aston Martin and turned the initial car to be hand-made at the firm’s condition-of-the-artwork facility in Gaydon, Warwickshire.
Income of the Aston Martin DB9 started off in spring 2004, and to day, more than 10,000 illustrations have been generated and delivered to shoppers all over the environment – surpassing the DB7 as the most effective Aston Martin of all time.
Deliveries of the up to date Aston Martin DB9 start off in the course of …

ATVs That Are Crafted For the Large Boys

ATVs or all terrain vehicles are highly effective toys for the major boys. Even though some ladies are inclined to ride these quad bikes but not as much as the male population. As often, the major boys are drawn to the macho wheels that these vehicles has, the sound of the motor and even the way it goes up and down when likely as a result of the rugged terrain. As these vehicles can maneuver even the most rugged of terrains, the major boys discover it much far more enjoyable. For them, the more durable and the far more difficult the better.

For some rationale these major boys are attracted not only to the motor and the energy that it yields but even to the rugged tires of and ATV. The tires are not definitely as major as those people from the monster trucks but quad bikes’ tires glimpse the exact but at a much scaled-down scale. But the beauty of it merely can make these boys stare and even drool. No one can blame them since the traction that these wheels present are definitely fantastic sources of an adrenalin hurry. Imagine jogging around terrains that no other automobile can go. If a major four-wheel push jeep gets trapped in a muddy terrain, the all-terrain automobile can effortlessly maneuver around it with no problem at all.

The beauty of an ATV does not only appeal to the male species but some girls as well. Truth of the matter be instructed, if you are an adrenalin junkie and the sound of a automobile jogging up and down rugged slopes offers you your resolve then an ATV is surely one thing that is worthy of your although. With all the unique models that are offered for each spending plan in the industry you can be positive that one thing is surely created for you. So go in advance and knowledge the hurry and see which between these unique ATVs are for you.…