“Time to gather stones”: features and applications of vacuum loaders

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Being universal in the field of application of special vehicles, vacuum loaders are gaining increasing popularity. But while in Europe the use of mobile “vacuum power” is a common practice, in Russia this type of rolling stock wasn’t very well-known until recently.

A tank or hopper with a tilting mechanism, a manipulator with a suction hose, a technological compartment with an autonomous power unit plus an automobile and truck chassis – this is what they call ‘vacuum loaders’. Initially such units appeared on the railway: in order, for example, to carefully collect the crushed stone between the sleepers when repairing the tracks. Today, this relatively new type of construction equipment is successfully used, in particular, in the excavation of underground engineering communications. In cases when the size of the construction site is limited or there is a risk of the equipment being damaged by the excavator bucket, the vacuum loader operates clearly and efficiently. Builders have to prepare just a small area, providing access to the necessary point. Suction air does not harm the electrical cables, high-voltage, fiber-optic and gas lines.

Another example: vacuum industrial cleaning during cement production allows returning most of the spilled cement to work, and cleaning silos with a vacuum excavator helps to avoid heavy manual labor. Collecting excess rubble from the site, removing spilled oil products or clearing production facilities and sites from dust and pollution (including hazardous substances) – all this can be done by a vacuum loader. It can also quickly make a recess for laying the pipe, a well for the pile, clean the clogged pipeline, dig a trench for the foundation.

The variety of applications of vacuum earthmoving equipment is almost unlimited. It works in the oil and gas sector, construction, telecommunications, at power plants and oil refineries.

The principle of the “vacuum power” is quite simple and at first glance resembles the work of a regular vacuum cleaner. The machine for excavating soil and other types of construction works uses a powerful suction airflow created by one or more fans or pumps. Through the sleeve, air along with the material gets inside the machine, where it passes the collection chamber and the filter system and then is released back into the atmosphere. Sometimes the manufacturer provides an on-board compressor for the automatic cleaning of filters. The high performance of the unit ensures a high speed of the airflow in the suction hose (sometimes more than 100 m / s). The hose mounted on a cranked or telescopic boom with hydraulic drive can be moved in several angles, which provides high accuracy of work. The sleeve is elongated with the help of nozzles, so the material can be transported horizontally up to 200 m, and vertically up to 60 m. If necessary, the extracted material can be used to backfill the excavation site. During unloading, the material collection chamber is tilted like a usual bucket. Some vacuum systems have common features with vacuum cleaner vehicles or bulk tippers, special …

Three Ways You Can Make More Money With an Auto Franchise

Though you can start your own automotive repair shop from the ground up, owning a franchise gives you the benefit of having an established company behind you. That company can provide you with help when it comes to choosing a new location and setting up your shop. In addition to offering repairs, you can increase your earnings and make more cash in a few different ways.

Offer Packages

One way you can make more money is with new packages. Many shops offer bundle packages that bundle multiple services together. You can offer those services for a reduced price and help your customers save money. As they get more services than they planned on buying, they’ll spend more money than they intended too. If you advertise those packages on your website and on stores outside of your shop, you’ll get more customers coming through the door.

Sell Auto Supplies

Another way to increase your profits is with a small on-site shop. This shop lets you sell any product that customers might need such as air fresheners that they can hang in their cars. You can offer items such as seat covers and bumper stickers too. Some customers may want to pick up cleaning supplies also. Adding an impulse section can also help. Impulse items are things that grab their attention but items they might not otherwise buy. This can include some simple snacks and drinks they can buy while waiting for their vehicles.

Work With a Food Truck

If you live in a city where food trucks are popular, consider asking the owner of a local truck to set up in your parking lot. Many of these trucks have a large following. As their customers stop by to grab food, they might come in and buy some products or book some services from you too. You can also work out a deal with the owner that has the individual paying you a setup fee or giving you a percentage of the profits made that day. Those looking at automotive franchise opportunities can make extra money in many different ways.…